Flash Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10F to cyanogen mod 5.1 (or destroing all warranty that is left)

I got two of those tablets for 60€ each, as a wall display. As they are beahving weird on stock rom, I decided to flash to cyanogen 5.1 (newer Version aren’t available)..

all credit goes to the linked pages, however, as I don’t do this often, I take some notes, not to wonder, if I am doing it right the next time.



http://spflashtool.com/ (newest version is on the bottom, idk why they do this)

used files:


mtk-vcom drivers (don’t remember, where downloaded)

MT8127_Android_scatter-recovery_only.txt (mine didn’t have MT8127 on its backside, but worked, lucky me)

Tab2A710F_TWRP_3.2.1-Pix-v0.96.img (newest versions are on the top here, must be the boot manager)

you need to install:

  • mtk-vcom drivers (I did by downloading the drivers, open device manager, right click on the tablet, when you plug it in, choose drivers, unplug tablet)
  • spflashtool (startup choose download, choose scatter file, click on the empty white space and choose this TWRP file, click download, plug tablet in)
  • put cm-*.zip onto a sd-card and put this into phone
  • now switch on phone with volume buttons pressed
  • whipe tablet
  • choose install, other storage sd-card, cm-*zip
  • next boot CM should fire up, or the tablet is bricked.

Best Luck