build ffmuc firmware for tp link tl-wr1043n V5

The wr1043n is well supported by freifunk. However HW Version 5 is not, so I had to assemble a Version myself:

cd ~/src 
git clone gluon 
cd gluon 
git tag 
git checkout v2017.1.5 
git clone site 
cd site 
git tag 
git checkout v2017.1 
make update 
cd .. 
make update 
sed -i '{/gluon-config-mode-site-select/}d' site/ GLUON_TARGET=ar71xx-generic make [j=1] 
ls output/images/*

I needed a j=1 because with the default my laptop got to hot and switched off. Anyway, even though many freifunk manuals state so, it is NOT necessary to compile with j=1 except for debugging (or heat) problems

If you are lazy to heat kill your laptop too, here is a precompiled version: