docker for homegear

Ok, so I am using homegear – they changed their policy, so source code for some parts are not available. As they are newly able to control nanoleaf, I desperatly needed to update it.

However, the former free part of enocean is not available anymore…

As only precompiled packages are available, I decided to use the provided docker Image.

 #pacman -S docker 
 #sytemctl start docker 
 #sytemctl enable docker

I downloaded the homegear docker image, however it was missing nanoleaf ofc…

Put config files into : /homegear-data

 # ls /homegear-data/*
 devices families homegear.csr main.conf mqtt.conf rpcclients.conf dh1024.pem homegear.crt homegear.key main.conf.pacnew php.ini rpcservers.conf
 admin-ui db.sql.bak0 db.sql.bak2 db.sql.bak4 db.sql.bak6 db.sql.bak8 db.sql-shm flows node-blue tmp db.sql db.sql.bak1 db.sql.bak3 db.sql.bak5 db.sql.bak7 db.sql.bak9 db.sql-wal modules scripts ui 
 homegear.err homegear.log homegear-scriptengine.err homegear-scriptengine.log 
 #git clone nightly 
 #cd nightly 
 downloadModule homegear-nanoleaf_current_${system}_${arch}.deb
 installModule homegear-nanoleaf_current_${system}_${arch}.deb 
 #docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -v /homegear-data/etc:/etc/homegear:Z -v /homegear-data/lib:/var/lib/home gear:Z -v /homegear-data/log:/var/log/homegear:Z -e HOMEGEARUSER=root -e HOMEGEARGROUP=root -p 2001:2001 -p 2002:2002 -p 2003:2003 --device=/dev/ttyUSB300 --name homegear homegear/homegear:nightly 
 #docker exec -it homegear homegear -r add nanoleaf 
 #docker update --restart always homegear 
 #docker exec -it homegear homegear -e rc 'print_v($hg->getValue(19,1,BRIGHTNESS));'