bunk bed

bunk bed

“Saterday afternoon, what are we going to do with the rest of the weekend?” We were asking ourselfs.

“Let’s build a bunk bed for the child, so she has more space in her room”

Quickly drawn sketch:

And the BOM was there:

  • 2x 26577 squared timber (long side)
  • 4x 23077 squared timber (legs)
  • 5x 160x20x3 planks (as strives)
  • 4x 160803 MDF plates (for the upper surface)
  • 2x 270152 planks (sides of the ladder)
  • 3x 200102 (steps)
  • 4x wall anchor

2h and 300€ later we came back from the toolshop, after emptying out the childrens room, we started the assembly:

First we fixed the legs with the wall anchors at the right place, as most load will go straight downwards, only one per legs was enough, I decided. Additionally it was already too late to make many noise.

BTW I cut all wood, either already in the toolshop, or with a handsaw, as german law forbids excessive noise on Sunday.

Then we built the platform skeleton (without the MDF plates) on the floor, to lift it onto the legs later on. (sorry I don’t have pictures)

Now it was already too late, so we stopped, to start over next day.

Lifting it up, was more complicated than we thought, at the first attempt I ended up, holding the whole thing up in the air, without any chance to move it, into another direction. Next attempt, we were much more clever and used a far steeper angle, me on a bar chair, pulling it up an my girlfriend placing it onto the first two legs.

Afterwards I could lower the platform and release it onto the other two. Now I screwed everything together, placed the MDF plates and screwed more…

Doing the ladder I consider the most complicated part, cause there were some angles in game, that I had to do all in the same value.

Then we placed the slatted frame onto the plattform, I used some more screws, so it wouldn’t move. I girlfriend was asking for a fence in front, cause from upstairs, it really looks high. I used some pieces from the old bed.

As we had some squared wood left, we placed it in the corners, to stabilize the bed a bit more. Then we put back the furniture, and my girlfriend decorated the walls with some stickers.

Well here is the result (of course with some anonymization):