Add Enocean HSM100 to STM330

Add Enocean HSM100 to STM330

Remove the little jumper on the STM330
Connect STM330 to EOP350 and to PC

EOP 350 with STM330

Download and install

In DolphinStudio following steps change EEP from A5-02-05 to A5-04-01:

Connect HSM100 to the STM330 via 20 pins, see (STM330C+HSM100.pdf)


> families select 15<br></br>
(Family)> ls<br></br>
(Family)> pr 9<br></br>
(Family)> pc USB300-1 0xA50401 0x12345678

Find out Address (0x12345678) via Module Information – Retrieve in Dolphin Studio